Human Financial Performance

Because companies should exist to better the human condition and should be measured as much by their purpose and people as by their financial performance.


We teach companies and their people to do better by restructuring strategies to better serve their missions and analytics to better measure company health and fitness.


We like to work with our clients to understand their challenges, customize services, propose recommendations, implement solutions and monitor performance.

What our client’s say about us.

“Integral part in turning around a failing operation after having been in the red for over 2 years“

Mark Acheson General Manager, Restaurant

“Was our go to for training as his ability to coach and mentor individuals is second to none“

Amanda Brooke Services Specialist, Job Placement Service

“Audited our operation, developed our training materials and company policies, and advises us on employee relations“

Haitem Weslati Owner, Coffee Company

“Performed a operations assessment and made recommendations for an operation we acquired“

Anonymous CEO, Hospitality Company

“Restructured our reporting and decision making processes which decreased cycle times and allows us to spend more time in the field making sales“

Anonymous Owner, Construction Contractor