Our services are diagnostic in structure. Through an examination of organizational symptoms, we are able to identify workforce management issues, help you understand the value of your people, create transparency and a clear line of sight, and offer informed and honest recommendations.


People problems are our specialty and you can call on us to solve yours. We discuss your concerns and offer preliminary recommendations. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in handling of people problems because no two people or companies are the same. Different clients have different problems and needs that require different solutions. To address them all, we offer both single consultations and advisors on retainer.


We perform executive interviews to understand your company strategy, differentiating capabilities, competitive advantage and workforce strengths and weaknesses. We brainstorm best case Workforce Strategies for structuring work, roles, business functions, key touch points, and communication and decision making channels. The result is a Human Capital Plan that supports the execution of your company strategy and objectives, aligns with your brand, and grows with you.


No matter the phase of the business or employee life cycle, gaps in performance, competencies and talent make it impossible for businesses to achieve their objectives. To learn where gaps exist, we perform a gap analysis that consists of focus groups with executives and employees alike, and a comprehensive assessment of business functions, key roles, and policies and practices. We then report results outlining where gaps exist and offer recommendations for closing those gaps.


Harassment and discrimination claims can cost millions and damage reputations. Our advisors are qualified to investigate claims and arbitrate disputes and negotiations.


To ensure you remain in compliance with labor laws and industry quality standards, we built our own proprietary audit that measures record keeping and talent management practices. A certified HumInt Human Resources professional performs the audit and reports findings with recommendations for improving compliance.