Labor Laws and the Future of Work

Labor Laws and the Future of Work In the future of work, if technology delivers on its promises, we will see greater attention given to labor laws associated with workforce structure and data governance, and less attention given to anti-discrimination and health coverage related laws as these will become non-issues and minimum expectations respectively. workforce […]

The Future Workplace: Remote Work

The Future Workplace: Remote Work The future workplace is comprised of humans and machines, where non-strategic work is automated by machines and only strategic, value added work is performed by a distributed and dynamic workforce consisting of internal employees, remote workers and teams, outsourced firms, freelancers, staffing companies and contract workers. Indeed, globalization and the […]

Be strategic about motivation

BE STRATEGIC ABOUT MOTIVATION There are many types, theories and models for motivation. In addition, there are many people who will try to tell you which is best for your organization without first knowing your business, the make up of your workforce or your strategy and objectives. Motivation, like any other business challenge, should be […]