Hason Greene Founder and Owner HumInt Labs

Hason Greene
Founder and Owner
HumInt Labs

“Do Good, Do Right, Do Better”
Hason, a native New Yorker, began his career at the age of 16 working nights and weekends in restaurants, while attending high school during the day. He studied the behavioral sciences at the University of New Orleans. In Louisiana, he was part of a task force that was integral in turning around failing east coast operations. He made his way back to New York where he earned his Senior Human Resource Credentials. Hason has always had a passion for helping people to better their circumstances. He has held positions as Editor-in-Chief, President, General Manager, Founder and Consultant. He currently serves as the President and Principal Advisor at HumInt Labs, a consultancy he founded that allows him to live his personal mission every day and surround himself by others who share his vision. Today, HumInt Labs works with companies to build teams, develop people and improve business.